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floor type wooden floor sample wood display board stands

Use our floor type wooden floor sample wood display board stands to help transform your exhibition hall into a delicate space. These multifunctional and customizable display racks are designed to enhance your presentation and provide your customers with an unforgettable experience.

Our Strengths

5 excellent design teams.


Factory and office total 5000 square meters.


14 years production and design experience of display rack.


With over 200 workers 10 production line and QC team for product quality and delivery date.

Commodity Information

Material Metal, plastic, wood, mdf or custom
Size 300*600/600*600/800*800/900*900/600*1200/1200*2400 (Customized)
Color Black, white, grey etc or custom
Usage Advertising, display, exhibition, promotion for tile
Surface Treament Polishing, powder coating, painting etc or custom
Sample Cost 3 times of quotation
Sample Time 7~10 days
Production Time 20~30 days
Packing Use bubble pack, stretch film, strong export carton and, pallet packing

wooden floor sample wood display board stands

Tailored to meet your aesthetic needs

Each enterprise has its unique identity, and our floor sample wood display board stands bracket can be customized according to your style. Choose wood types, finishes, and sizes that align with your brand vision. Whether you need a small boutique exhibition hall or a larger large-scale exhibition hall, we will provide you with services.

Functionality and space saving design

Our booth aims to maximize your showroom space while efficiently showcasing your floor samples. The space saving design ensures that your customers can easily explore your flooring options without confusion, making it practical and visually appealing.

Quality process

Our wooden floor sample wood display board stands is meticulously crafted, emphasizing details and high-quality materials, which can meet the needs of large-scale exhibition halls. These brackets are durable and ensure that your floor samples present beautifully.

Enhance your product display

Invest in our wooden floor sample wood display board stands, watch your product display and sales soar. With our commitment to customization and meticulous craftsmanship, you have made a wise choice for your business. Contact us immediately to discuss your specific needs and create personalized display solutions to ensure that your floor samples are elegantly displayed and fully represent your brand. Enhance your product display through our customized booth.

wooden floor sample wood display board stands

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